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How do I refer patients using Best Practice?
How do I refer patients using Best Practice?

This guide will demonstrate how to refer your patients to Telecare specialists using Best Practice

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You can refer patients to Best Practice via HealthShare's directory or via HealthLink's secure messaging exchange.

To learn how to refer patients using both HealthShare and HealthLink via Best Practice please watch the following video or refer to the steps outlined in the guide below.

Referring patients via HealthShare

Step 1: Open the Best Practice program and navigate to the letter writing feature

Step 2: From here select the referral template (in the left column) and navigate to the 'HealthShare' tab

  • In this section search for 'Telecare'

Step 3: Once you have selected Telecare, you will be able to write a general referral OR refer your patient to a specialist of your choosing

  • Select the green "Write referral" box to make a general referral or continue scrolling if you would rather refer your patients to a specialist of your choosing

  • Selecting the orange "Write referral" boxes will generate an auto-populated referral sheet with the specialist details already filled out

Referring patients via HealthLink

Step 1: From the Best Practice main page select the "View" drop down menu and navigate to "HealthLink Forms"

  • This will load the following page. From here create a new form - this will launch a separate browser window

Step 2: In the new browser window select the option to "Refer to Private Specialist"

Step 3 : In the Specialists & Referrals directory, search for Telecare

  • In the results page, select "Telecare" to navigate to our referrals page (seen below)

  • This page contains a list of all Telecare specialists - selecting a Doctor will allow you to view their specialty

Step 4: Select the specialist you would like to refer to and click the "E-Refer" button

  • This will launch a form that will be automatically populated with the patients details

  • On this form ensure you enter the reason(s) for referring the patient (in the "Requested Information" tab)

  • Further, ensure that all relevant supporting documentation is attached (in the "Attachments / Reports" tab)

Step 5: Click "Submit" to finalise your referral

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