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Getting Started with Telehealth
Getting Started with Telehealth

Are you new to telehealth? Follow our easy-to-use guide below!

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Test your equipment before your appointment

  • If this is your first experience with telehealth, you will need to check that your device is capable of conducting online video meetings. Test your device a few days prior to your appointment using this link.

Is your device up-to-date?

  • A great consultation starts with a compatible device. Please ensure you have access to on of the following

    1. Apple iPhone or iPad with IOS version 13 or later

    2. Android mobile phone or tablet with Android 8 or later

    3. PC or laptop with webcam and microphone running Windows 7 or later

    4. Mac or Macbook with webcam and microphone running MacOS 10.12 or later

Web browser requirements

  • Your telehealth appointment will run through your web browser, so it's also important to ensure your browser is up-to-date. Check your browser version here.

  • Minimum browser requirements include:

    • Google Chrome Version 82+ (Windows, Android, MacOS)

    • Apple Safari Version 12+ (MacOS, iOS)

    • Firefox Version 75+ (Windows, Android, MacOS)

    • Microsoft Edge Version 82+ (Windows MacOS)

    • Microsoft Edge Version 44+

How Is your internet connection?

  • For a smooth connection, you will require an NBN, 4G connection or higher. A minimum of 1mbps for both upload and download is required.

  • To test your internet connection, click here.

Close any background apps before your appointment starts

  • Netflix or online gaming services may slow down your internet speed and affect your session. Please close these down before you begin.

  • For tech support, you can always contact us.

Find a quiet and well-lit space

  • To avoid any outside disturbances during the consultation, please call from a private and quiet space.

  • For video consultations, ensure your room is well-lit, ideally with natural lighting behind your device. If you can, position yourself so you are in the centre of your screen, and your device is approx. at arms length so your clinician can see you clearly.

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